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Earlier this year, there were widespread reports that Twitter had been blocked in Nigeria. This is not the first time Nigeria has reportedly blocked access to certain internet websites and services. Online media publication People’s Gazette was also blocked after it reported¬†revelations asserting that the son of a high-ranking government official had received access to various privileges despite holding no official position. Many Nigerians are looking for ways to retain their freedom on the internet in spite of these bans, and are curious about what the best free VPN is for Nigeria.

Best free VPN for Nigeria.
Twitter was blocked in Nigeria in early June, 2021.

When Twitter was blocked, Google reported a massive increase in searches for VPNs overnight. One VPN which became popular was JewelVPN. Other websites that are reportedly blocked in Nigeria include:

There are lots of ways that Internet Services Providers in Nigeria can block access to your favorite websites. DNS filtering, proxy server keyword filtering, mandates against firewalls/proxy servers, and even whitelisting the internet, which only permits access to an approved list of sites and services.

Proxies, VPNs, and special relay browsers like Tor can help Nigerians access blocked websites. However, the superior method is using a VPN. Unlike many VPN companies for PC which cost a subscription fee, JewelVPN’s promise of free unlimited VPN service made it a star overnight in the African nation, and make it the best free VPN for Nigeria. If you would like to access blocked websites in Nigeria on your PC, consider installing it!

Download JewelVPN for Windows PC.

Installation Guide for JewelVPN

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