VPN vs Proxy – What’s the Difference?

What is the difference between a VPN and a proxy? Both a VPN and a proxy server will do some things similarly. They will both protect the user’s identity and they will both spoof a different geographic address. However, there are important differences.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network. This means a securely encrypted connection is created between the user and a host server. Because of this private network, your internet services provider or government cannot detect your browsing activity or any of the IP addresses you have visited. All of your data will remain completely hidden.

Moreover, a VPN like JewelVPN is a system application that you download and install. This protects all traffic sent from your computer.

What is a proxy?

A proxy server is an un-encrypted connection between your computer and the final server you are accessing. A proxy simply spoofs your identity from any site you visit. But unlike a VPN, a proxy never secures any sensitive data that you create or transfer. Whoever runs the proxy server will be able to see your activity and data.

Unlike VPNs, proxies are not system applications. They are typically only set in your web browser, and therefore don’t secure all traffic generated by your computer, such as a computer game or music streaming app.

If you think you’ve found a good free VPN provider – make sure that they’re not just giving you a peer-to-peer proxy! That is unsafe. Hola, DewVPN, and others use this method.

Always use an encrypted VPN like JewelVPN.

Which is better – Proxy or VPN

A VPN is superior to a proxy in almost every way. Proxies are less secure, slower, harder to use, un-encrypted, and prone to unreliability. In addition, they don’t secure all internet activity on your device, only that in a browser.

One of the only benefits to using a proxy is that they are typically cheaper to use, and oftentimes are free. VPNs cost more to maintain, and therefore they charge users. However, unlike others, JewelVPN provides a secure VPN connection, totally free. There are no data limits. Never any usage caps. And no subscriptions or accounts or payments. Our goal at JewelVPN is to provide more people the benefits of the VPN even if they cannot afford a subscription, because we believe privacy shouldn’t require a credit card. Give it a try today!

IP AddressCompletely HiddenSpoofed
EncryptionSecurely EncryptedNo Encryption
Changes geo-locationYesYes
PriceUsually ChargedUsually Free
Reliability StrongSometimes Drops Connection
Good for TorrentsYesNo, poor security
Ease-of-UseYesCan require expertise
SpeedMaximumDepends on proxy server
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