Why Do I Need a VPN?

Why you should use a VPN?

Let’s start by clarifying that this stands for Virtual Private Network, and it is a way of connecting to the Internet through a server that is located in a different part of the world from where we are actually live, obtaining another IP that is different from that of your device.

Advantages of a VPN

  • Among other advantages, a VPN allows access to many contents that are limited in some countries, such as some TV channels, streaming platforms like Amazon, Netflix, Prime and others. Most users of JewelVPN use it to bypass blocked sites, or acces geo-restricted content.
  • The traffic in a VPN is transmitted using secure data encryption through a VPN tunnel, maintaining absolute and complete privacy of the information. Even if someone were to access the browsing information of your device from another external computer, they will only find the unreadable encrypted data. They will not be able to see passwords or any other type of data that represents a danger to the VPN user, providing a high degree of data confidentiality. Many users of JewelVPN use it to prevent hackers, snoopers, and even governments from seeing their online activity.

Other benefits provided by VPN connections are that they are ideal for teleworking, provide great stability through the scalability of the connections, increasing user connections exponentially, and are compatible with almost all types of devices.

Why is it better to connect with JewelVPN?

  • JewelVPN is a free unlimited VPN. Unlike other VPN services that only offer a short free trial period, or charge monthly fees, there is never a bill or payment due.
  • JewelVPN provides its users with a secure connection, without having to pay for any subscription, or put their personal information into any sign up form.
  • This free unlimited VPN does not impose any type of data limits on users’ browsing sessions. Many ‘free’ VPNs will limit users to only 500mb per month or less! That isn’t even enough data to watch one movie! With JewelVPN, you have no data caps. You can use an unlimited amount of data every month.
  • JewelVPN does not in any way collect or log any user’s browsing history, nor does it store traffic destinations, data content, or DNS queries during the time users remain connected to its VPN. JewelVPN doesn’t even know who you are. How could we? Unlike other VPN services, we never ask for your name, email, or address.
  • This privacy is legally guaranteed by JewelVPN in a document called the Privacy Policy, which clearly outlines the company’s handling of the information of different types of users.
  • The security of JewelVPN is guaranteed by the use of open-source software called OpenVPN, which means that both the encryption standards and codes are not hidden to any user, the platform does not have any kind of trackers. The company’s goal is based on total transparency to users to maintain their trust.
  • The reason why JewelVPN is free and will always be free is that its financing does not depend on the platform, nor on the services it provides. The company is financed thanks to a system based on 20-second advertisements, which are presented to users when they click on a button to view the advertisement; upon viewing the advertisement, the VPN is unblocked so that the user can connect for one hour.
  • JewelVPN for PC gives you the possibility of creating a local network from your PC with other devices without the need for physical connections between them, in the same way it is a VPN for Desktop that outperforms other VPNs including the paid ones, as we have already mentioned, JewelVPN does not establish limits.
  • The free VPN download is very simple, once on the JewelVPN website, click on the download now option, an exe file will be downloaded, which you will have to run and complete the installation steps. It will take you less than a minute!

Finally, we remind you that when you choose JewelVPN none of your data will be saved. On our website you will never see forms to enter emails, nor will you be asked to register any account, JewelVPN does not know who the user is, they cannot market information simply because they do not collect it, to use this free VPN, just click on ‘view ad’ and you will unblock access to the server and a timer will indicate the time you have to use it.

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