How to Access Blocked Websites in Egypt

As many Egyptian residents can attest, it can be difficult to access blocked websites in Egypt. There are hundreds of websites currently blocked in the Arabian nation, and the nation has been known to temporarily restrict access to hundreds more on a whim. Many well-known sites such as Huffington Post and Al Jazeera, in addition to popular services as Signal messaging app, have been blocked in the past.

Moreover, local news sites such as Daily News Egypt, Mada Masr, and Al Minassa have been blocked on months surrounding election dates and political turmoil. In addition, the websites of various non-profits and NGOs such as the Human Rights Watch, Journalists Against Torture, and the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information have been blocked.

Given this, many Egyptians seek methods to evade the ban in order to access their favorite blocked websites and services. Outlined below is one method we think you’ll like!

unblock websites in egypt
Though the sunsets in Egypt are beautiful, their track record for internet freedom is not

VPNs are a technology that encrypts and secures all of your internet activity using unbreakable military-grade technology. This prevents the snooping eyes of hackers and the government from peering into your web activity, and it also allows users to evade website blocks and bans.

One common problem encountered is that most VPN services charge an expensive monthly fee to subscribe to their services. In nation like Egypt with only a 3% credit card ownership rate, this makes VPN access impossible. Until JewelVPN.

JewelVPN is a free, unlimited VPN that allows users to encrypt their traffic and unblock websites without paying a penny. There are no sign-ups or accounts! Simply install, connect, and gain access to all of your favorite services and sites. Download it today for your Windows PC, and give a try!

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