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Earlier this year in 2021, the Ugandan government ordered all social media sites and messaging apps to be blocked indefinitely. Only days later, international news websites were blocked as well. Overnight, millions of Ugandan citizens and residents were eager to figure out a way to evade the block on their favorite services. Thankfully, there are solutions to remain online regardless of blocks and bans are put in place, allow you to access blocked websites in Uganda at any time.

unblock websites uganda
Uganda has been known for blocking websites and online services in the past

One of the most common methods to evade these bans and blocks is to use a proxy service. Proxies are popular due to their cheap cost and widespread availability. Unfortunately, they are unreliable, unsafe, and limited in ability. They typically can only provide IP spoofing in your browser tab. This means that your non-browser applications such as gaming clients, messaging apps like Whatsapp, Telegram, and Signal, and music apps such as Spotify are still blocked when using a proxy.

A better solution is to use a VPN. Rather than being based in a browser, VPNs are system applications and therefore restore access to blocked services like games, music, and messages. Furthermore, they provide military-level encryption to prevent hackers and governments from spying on your internet activity. This makes VPNs the best solution to allow users to access blocked websites in Uganda.

One of the major drawbacks of VPNs is that they generally cost a monthly subscription charge. In a country like Uganda with very low rates of credit card ownership, subscribing to these services can be a challenge, not to mention the cost! Thankfully, JewelVPN has offered a free solution to fill this gap. Rather than charging a monthly fee, JewelVPN offers free and unrestricted access to the internet through their desktop app for Windows PC. There are no signups, no accounts, no data limits, no speed caps, no logs, and no subscriptions ever!

Download it today and use the internet as it was meant to be.

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