How to Access Blocked Websites in Bangladesh

It can be difficult for internet users in Bangladesh to access their favorite blocked websites. The country has a spotted history of internet freedom. It ranked with one of the lowest scores for web freedom among all South Asian countries, according to Reporters without Borders (RSF), a non-profit that keeps track of internet freedom globally.

In recent years, there are multiple incidents of Bangladeshi authorities taking sites offline. In 2020, an online newspaper released a story involving government corruption and was subsequently blocked across all of Bangladesh. Other popular social media sites such as Pinterest, Medium, and Quora have reportedly been taken offline in Bangladesh. According to Humans Rights Watch, over 20,000 sites were blocked in one go.

Access blocked websites in Bangladesh
New waves of internet censorship have occurred in Bangladesh

Thankfully, there are methods to evade the block. One of the most common methods is to use proxies. A proxy is a service that spoofs your IP address location to make it appear as if your device is connected in another country. However, there are major issues with using proxies, such as the fact that they provide no encryption and very little security. Furthermore, a proxy only works in your web browser and does not spoof the location of all internet activity on your devices, such as when using gaming applications or music software.

VPNs are a superior alternative to proxies. Unlike a proxy, a VPN provides encrypted and secure access to the web. In addition, it secures all internet traffic on your device, allowing users to play blocked games, or use other internet-facing applications that are not built into a website.

However, most VPN services require an expensive monthly subscription. JewelVPN is a free, unlimited VPN that allows users to access all their favorite blocked websites in Bangladesh without being tracked by hackers or even the government. It provides secure, military-grade encryption, and doesn’t even require sign-ups or accounts!

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