Installation Guide For JewelVPN

JewelVPN is simple to download, install, and use. There is no complex technical jargon you have to learn, and no expertise required. Simply follow the installation guide below and if you have more issues, leave us a message on our contact form!

Step 1: Download the installer

Simply navigate to the downloads page and click the blue download button.

Download of Installation package
Download the installer

Step 2: Open the installer you just downloaded

Open the installer to begin the installation process. Press “Yes” when prompted with the installer pop-up. You should see a screen that looks something like the image below. Click “install” and let the program run.

installation guide

Step 3: Finished installing!

Click “Finish” and JewelVPN is installed! You will see the application on your home screen.

Step 4: Connect to the VPN

To use the VPN, click the blue “View Ad” buttons. Two windows will appear for twenty seconds and then automatically close. You do not have to click close.

Free unlimited VPN ready to use!

Step 5: You’re connected!

After the ad windows automatically close, you will be able to choose your server location from the drop-down menu and connect! You will have one hour. When your hour is up, you can click view ad again. There are no usage, data, or speed limits with JewelVPN!

Display of Application Interface

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