Free. Unlimited. VPN.

Privacy shouldn't require a credit card

Get a VPN without the monthly billing or signups. 

What We Do

JewelVPN is committed to providing a solution for a reliable payment-less uncompromised secure browsing experience. 

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Unlock Geo-Blocking and Evade Firewalls ​

Get access to ALL of the internet, not just what other people think you should be allowed to access.​

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Reliable Server Presence

Our servers allow do what you want when you want where you want. ​

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Find Complete Privacy

No sign ups. No data logs. Enterprise grade encryption. Anonymized browsing. Stay secure online.​

How It Works ?

We started JewelVPN as a way to truly access with internet anonymously. Unlike our competitors, there is no need for billing statements or credit cards or signups. No paper trail. No data tracking, no browser snooping or peer-to-peer sharing. No shenanigans. This is why our users love our software. For some, they don’t have credit cards to sign up for a VPN. For others just don’t use a VPN frequently enough to justify a costly subscription, or they don’t like signing up for subscription services. For all of these people, our software is a perfect fit to their needs. This is why we think our service is the crown jewel of all the VPNs out there today. 

To understand the way it works, and they way we can make money even by offering this for free, we invite you to watch our explainer video. For other questions, you can read our FAQ page. If you'd still like to know more, we'd love for your to share your thoughts, concerns, or opinions by emailing us at [email protected] or by filling out the form on our contact page.

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"I don't use a VPN often enough to justify a subscription. JewelVPN suits my needs perfectly."
- User from USA
"I use JewelVPN because I don't like having a credit card number tied to my VPN provider."
- User from United Kingdom
"Having a VPN subscription is a luxury where I am from. JewelVPN allows me to enjoy anonymity online without spending any money."
- User from Angola
What they've said about us

Users from all around the world use JewelVPN and they all have their own reasons. This flexibility is what users love about us.