Frequently Asked Questions

You may be wondering how or why JewelVPN exists, whether it can be trusted or not, and whether it is secure enough to use as their VPN. We started JewelVPN as a way to truly access with internet anonymously. Unlike our competitors, there is no need for billing statements or credit cards or signups. No paper trail. No data tracking, no browser snooping or peer-to-peer sharing. No shenanigans. This is why our users love our software. For some, they don’t have credit cards to sign up for a VPN. For others just don’t use a VPN frequently enough to justify a costly subscription, or they don’t like signing up for subscription services. For all of these people, our software is a perfect fit to their needs. This is why we think our service is the crown jewel of all the VPNs out there today. 

To understand the way it works, and they way we can make money even by offering this for free, we invite you to watch our explainer video below. For other questions, you can read the FAQ. If you’d still like to know more, we’d love for your to share your thoughts, concerns, or opinions by emailing us at [email protected]

Our software is based on OpenVPN, a program that is open source. This means that the code and encryption standards utilized by our platform are not hidden from you. There are no hidden trackers. Anyone can see how safe and secure our software is. Transparency is our goal, and we want to ensure our trust with you is never broken. If you have concerns or if you think you have spotted a fault in our system, please reach out and inform us at [email protected]

Our encryption methods are engineered to find the balance between speed and security. We use military grade standards to ensure that your browsing experience cannot be compromised. 

No! We do not limit the amount you can use our VPN. You can use it as much as you wish. We will never have data caps or limits.

We make money by using spare computing resources as you browse with the VPN. We can’t see your data or what you do. We don’t even know your name! Because of the way our system is devised, you can use our VPN as much as you like, whenever you require it! Unlike other VPNs, we do not have data caps or limits. 


In fact, we can’t even collect any of your data! No email forms, no sign ups or accounts, and of course no payment pages. We have no idea who you are, and we like it that way. We cover our costs by utilizing a small amount of spare computing resources. We will never sell your information because we do not collect it or track you in the first place. Your browsing experience when using JewelVPN is completely anonymous. For more information about how you are affected by this application, please read our Privacy Policy

We currently have servers in Germany and Finland but we are adding a greater number of server locations as more users join our platform.

We value user feedback and want users to tell us in which country they would like to have more servers. If you have any input, please email us at [email protected] or fill out the form on our contact page.

If you are having technical issues, would like to make a suggestion, or would like to report a bug, or would like to get in touch with your company for other purposes, please reach out to us at [email protected], or fill out the form on our contact page.


For more information, watch our explainer video below.

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