How to Access Blocked Websites in Pakistan

Pakistan has some of the most restrictive controls on internet access in the world. In recent years, and additional 900,000 URLs were banned by the PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority). Common popular services such as TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Imgur, Youtube, DeviantArt, Telegram, PirateBay, WhatsApp, Quora, WordPress, and Flickr have been banned in the past. In addition, certain games such as PUBG, Xbox Live, and GameRanger have previously been taken offline for some time in Pakistan.

Despite these draconian restrictions, Pakistan has some of the highest levels of internet connectivity in the developing world, with over 120 million people online. Many Pakistani residents use proxies to get around the ban, but proxies are unsafe and unreliable. Fortunately, a VPN service can help you beat these restrictions by giving you a foreign IP address, protecting your data, securing your connection, and helping you access the web as it was meant to be.

Install a VPN to beat restrictions and access blocked websites in Pakistan.
Over 1 million websites are blocked in Pakistan by the PTA.

The problem for many Pakistanis is that most VPN companies cost money, and charge a monthly subscription

For this reason, JewelVPN’s promise of a free unlimited VPN has made it a popular choice in Pakistan and will allow you to access blocked websites. JewelVPN has a no-log policy and doesn’t even require a signup or account creation, so there is no paper trail tying your internet activity back to you. If you would like to access websites that are blocked in Pakistan on your Windows PC, consider installing it!

Download JewelVPN for Windows PC.

Installation Guide for JewelVPN

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